Nash Street Tavern stands as a welcoming, friendly hub, offering a home to all in Hillsborough. This project set out to illuminate precisely that. While initially centered on the music and the bar itself, it swiftly transformed into a testament to the tight-knit community and familial bonds fostered within. This sense of unity extends not only among the visitors but also among the bartenders, spotlighting Elisa and her remarkable care to every single customer. These bonds are formed and found every week from Acoustic Tuesdays to Beer -N- Hymns Sundays.

I stepped foot into this bar four months ago without knowing how much of a home it would become. I began to look forward to coming more and more after each shoot. While the music was amazing to listen to each night I came, the care that this bar contained was the most incredible. Not one night went by where I wasn’t greeted with smiles or asked if I needed anything. Nash Street will always have a special place in my heart and I know it will continue to serve the same to so many others.