Art can be found everywhere and be created by anyone. Coming into Small Town USA, I knew that finding art, created by an artist with a story, was how I wanted to spend my time in Hillsborough.

From just our first meeting, it became clear to me that Deb Corinna had a story to share. She was open, honest, and relatable. Through art gallery openings to new jobs to holiday shopping for her daughter, these first impressions were solidified throughout my time with her as she let me into her home and life, allowing me to capture her as she is--an animal lover, fond single mom, and encaustic artist.

Each swirl and scrape of Deb Corinna's paintings are abstract, reflecting the intense care and sense of liberation that she carries in life. Deb is the epitome of finding art in life and life in art, which is exactly what I aimed to show in this project.