Since 1893, The News of Orange has served as the heart of Hillsborough, sharing the small-town stories that uplift and empower the community. However, newspapers can't run on heartfelt emotions alone. Local journalism is dying in this country and print journalism is plummeting alongside it. Amidst this bleak situation coupled with the pandemic, The News of Orange faced downsize after downsize and ultimately became a one-man-show. This project showcases the inspiring story of Dale Edwards, the newspaper's sole editor and writer, whose dedication kept the paper alive and well-loved by Hillsborough's loyal readers for years. His journey is one of unforeseen turns, difficult decisions, and new beginnings.

This story reveals the importance of local journalism, and how those involved in it work tirelessly to maintain it—something that I personally relate to. I've written nearly 50 articles for Duke's independent student-run newspaper, The Chronicle, and have served as an editor for two years. I'm currently a freelance reporter for my local newspaper back home in Pasadena, California. These experiences have taught me that every person, no matter how 'important' they may seem, has a story. For these stories to be heard and shared, we need genuine local newspapers like The News of Orange!