The EndsWell Documentary Project captures the fascinating work of Hunter, a professional who has dedicated his life to answering the difficult questions that many of us avoid. Hunter runs a water cremation and urn Gallery, which offers a greener alternative to conventional burial and cremation methods. The process is gentler and more adoptable to every individual, dissolving soft tissues of a body over a few hours through the process of alkaline hydrolysis. The remains are then dried and ground into cremains, identical to those produced by fire cremation.

Although the work at EndsWell may seem somber, it is surprisingly filled with laughter, stories, and conversations. Visitors are welcome to tour the facility, ask questions, and learn about the reinvention of funeral industry, burial rituals, and the greener future. Hunter and his team foster a sense of community around death, a topic that is often considered taboo. Through community outreach events, including Death Cafes, EndsWell invites people to discuss their last wishes, fears, and anxieties about mortality.