*This Project Depicts Emergency Scenes; No Gore*

Orange County EMS is the sole agency responsible for providing emergency medical care and transportation to a diverse suburban and rural population centered around a small town…follow along as we ride with Orange County EMTs and Paramedics on the job.

I rode along with Paramedic Rayisha and several of her colleagues stationed at Orange County Medic 4, experiencing and documenting their jobs and lives as 911 EMS professionals in a semi-rural environment. EMS is one of the more overshadowed emergency services that play an important role in helping the community, especially in more rural areas, and especially, in these recent times of stress. My goal is to show the kind of work that EMS does in a more rural-suburban environment and to depict the people that are essential to providing emergency medical care to the community.

Through these photographs, I hope to give a short glimpse at the daily experiences of EMS workers responding around Hillsborough. I follow the crew responding to 911 emergency medical calls, from the slow-paced and seemingly non-emergent "sick person" calls to multi-car motor vehicle accidents and unconscious falls.