Through a documentary film I made last semester, I became close friends with the owners of the hippest bar in Downtown Hillsborough, Eryk Pruitt and Lana Pierce of Yonder. At the beginning of this project, I called them up and asked, “who is the most interesting person who has ever walked into your bar”? They replied almost immediately saying, “you need to talk to Will Davis”. A quick phone call with Will and the next thing you know I was following one of the most passionate people I have ever met from wine bars to basketball courts.

Will Davis, also known as Endlesswill, is the former Hillsborough Laureate from 2016-2018 and currently serves on the Hillsborough Arts Council. Will is a passionate leader in the community promoting poetry as a tool for expression and basketball as a tool for empowerment. He is a father, a husband, a teacher, a poet, and a coach who has a relentless desire to empower the children and people he works with in his daily life.

It is impossible to leave a conversation with Will Davis without laughing. His smile is infectious and his joy fills a room. Given the adversity he struggled as a child, Will Davis exemplifies what it means to be completed by community. Whether at home, in the classroom, or on the basketball court, you always find Endlesswill working in some way to bring joy, confidence, and passion to the space he occupies.