The Colonial Inn is a historic part of Hillsborough. The Inn has survived almost 200 years of history, though it became a run-down shell twenty years ago. At the start of the pandemic, however, the Inn was purchased and renovations started. While the building was being restored, the community of Hillsborough lay fallow. Realizing the Inn had a large, unused outdoor area, the Colonial Inn team started hosting live music events featuring local artists five days a week, offering the community an opportunity to safely engage with one another. This tradition lives on to now, with live music events two days a week. With the success of the concerts, the Inn looked for more innovative ways to bring the community together. In just two years, the Colonial Inn has become a hub for holiday celebrations, community events, weddings, and the local arts community. Given the transient nature of hotels, the strong sense of community at the Colonial Inn is a fascinating and heartening phenomenon.

From the local arts community, to local music, to dancers and yoga teachers, to local family events, to holiday celebrations the Colonial Inn has become a bustling community center for Hillsborough, always there to help celebrate the important moments in life.