Will Elmore was released from prison in 2015 after 25 years and has since become one part of a thriving community based upon rebuilding lives affected by the prison system.

It includes those like Will and his friends, Scotso and Tommy, who have started their own businesses such as Community Based Landscaping and Success While In Transition that offer other formerly incarcerated individuals the opportunity to find meaningful work. In addition to starting new businesses, they also remain involved in helping those transitioning out of prison find their footing and create change in their own lives. Bessie Elmore, Will’s mother, was inspired by her experience helping Will while he was incarcerated and has herself become a powerful advocate for those in prison and their families. She currently operates a transition house in Durham and is involved in several other organizations. Finally, it also includes those who come through the transition houses, some of whom go on to work with Will, Scott, and Tommy or forge their own paths.

Outside of this group, they remain connected to a much wider network of people working to help those affected by the justice system, including activists, social workers, and volunteers.