Tucked in-between the swaying leaves of Hillsborough’s pine trees lies a house that looks seemingly ordinary. But behind its doors you will find a village of dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters who are devoted to rehabilitating injured wildlife. From great horned owls to turtles and rabbits, Our Wild Neighbors has rescued, treated and released a countless array of animals from as far as Winston-Salem.

Over the course of the semester, I have witnessed Linda, the founder, and Adrienne, the Associate Director of Our Wild Neighbors, go above and beyond to care for each injured or abandoned baby animal with attentiveness, warmth, and compassion. Our Wild Neighbors is home to some unique furry friends, including Uno the one-eyed barred owl, Timmy the squirrel, and Pippa the loveable house possum. The center has doubled in size every year since opening in 2017, and there is no sign of any slowing down.