My project is about a Duke Basketball program that has had their season come to a heartbreaking end not once, but twice. It also gives a behind the scene look at what life off the court was like during this past season and some of the precautions we had to go through during Covid. I feel like my story is more than just about how covid negatively affected the team but it is also a symbol of hope, that next year along with the basketball season we can have some type of normalcy in our lives. We all have been through a lot in the past year because of covid but the point is we have to keep moving past the obstacles in our way to get to the destination we are trying to get to.

Even though people who may view this project may not be apart of the Duke Basketball program or experience the changes we had to go through this year, everyone along the way has hit some kind of bump in the road because of covid. I hope whoever views this project will have the same hope about their obstacles as I have in bringing back a normal season next year.