My first impression of Jenn Weaver was when she walked into her favorite coffee shop on a sunny Friday morning in downtown Hillsborough. I remember being intrigued by the visible shift in the room as walked through, stopping to say hi to familiar faces, before joining me in the back. As I’ve gotten to know her better, I’ve only grown in admiration of her ability to command respect in a professional setting while simultaneously radiating positive energy. Jenn was elected mayor of Hillsborough in November of 2019. Before that she served on the Board of Commissioners. She has goals of increasing equality and fighting for social justice in Hillsborough, specifically through improving transportation, affordable housing, racial equity, and sustainability measures. She explains that her work at the town council meetings feels nitty-gritty, but she often stops to remind herself of the bigger picture future of her community that she is helping to shape.

Jenn understands and embraces her role as a leader in Hillsborough in more ways than town meetings. Her weeks are packed with meetings with different community members or other elected officials. In addition to her duties as mayor, she teaches yoga at the local sports complex. At the end of a busy day, she looks forward to going home to her two children. It is clear that they look up to her and recognize the importance of the influential role she plays in the community.

After two months of getting to know Jenn, COVID-19 forced me to leave North Carolina and return home to Miami, Florida. Being home has proved to be both incredibly isolating and unifying for my family members. In my movie, I show the importance of the special moments that I’ve gotten to experience with my little brothers while home.