Searching for a writer in Hillsborough is like looking for a flat-earther at Burning Man: but searching for an interesting writer in Hillsborough is like attempting to find a sane person who supports Jenny McCarthy. All stale allusions aside, my experience in Hillsborough, North Carolina, helped me to redefine what I considered to be sane because my life would soon change. After weeks of searching for the perfect person to feature in my premiere documentary, local author Laine Cunningham became everything I could have hoped for, and so entirely much more. After sporadically trading corporate life for a six-month trip to the Australian Outback living in her car, Laine returned stateside to realize her dream of becoming a writer. This is when she met Matthias, her partner, soulmate, and fellow Powwow dancer. Rest assured; Laine did not remain sedentary after she settled down. To research her novels, Laine has traveled to Georgia (the country), Germany, and Czechoslovakia, with plans to depart for Thailand soon. Back at home, Laine loves the outdoors, receiving her greatest inspiration from the placidness of nature, and her adventurous relationship with Matthias. The world beckons Laine to travel the world, to become one with the outdoors, to keep her Native heritage alive, to write all that she experiences, and to love as passionately as all the aforementioned. Speak with Laine for a few minutes, and you will travel the world: filled with the vast knowledge attained from many lifetimes. Then, the world will begin to beckon you, too.