These days, it is very easy to fit inside of the standard box; school, then marriage, then 2.4 kids– it can feel all set into stone. However, Jeff Wells and his son Kiah Wells have spent their lives consciously exploring the territory off the well-traveled trail. Whether that mentality manifests itself in a career in massage therapy, a decades long commitment to ultimate frisbee, or a passion for contra dance music, the Wells have found a niche in Hillsborough.

Kiah and Jeff Wells are both practitioners at Wellsport Bodyworks, right off of Main Street. Through private massages, yoga sessions, and group workshops, the Wells are improving the mind-body connections within their community.

Three hours outside of Hillsborough in the Blue Ridge Mountains, a contra dance brewed, supported by Kiah Wells and his Lagomorph Quartet. Years of guitar and mandolin practice materialized in the swarm of dancing bodies as the Southern tradition lived on through their movements. This night was just on stop on a larger tour through the South on their way back home.

My project was cut short when we were asked to leave Duke and learn remotely. Below you will see a movie I made about my time in Park City, Utah with my family.