On King Street in downtown Hillsborough, North Carolina, an old white two-story building is filled with the noise of drills and hammers, bobcats and bulldozers, and many people getting their hands dirty as they try to put together 200 years of history. Holding together all of that old wood and crumbling brick is a vision. A belief that the Hillsborough Colonial Inn can transition from a collapsing monument of Hillsborough’s past to a thriving community center of Hillsborough’s future. Through the hard work of everyone involved, the Colonial Inn has been slowly coming back to life, and the vision behind it is gradually becoming a reality. That reality has sadly been put on hold. When COVID-19 broke into America, my time with the Colonial Inn and the Hillsborough community was cut short and I was rerouted from Durham back to my hometown of Lexington, North Carolina. I am excited to see what the finished product looks like when the COVID-19 crisis passes and the Hillsborough Colonial Inn is able to reopen its doors.