Hillsborough is a special place — a unique small town in America. Life is connected. Each year students from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke come to Hillsborough to document its people, the land and the issues they face. Join us and explore.

Woodcrest Farm

By Ge Jin

Perry Farm Alpacas

By Emily Kuhn

Food for All

By Oderah Chidom

No Reservations

By Andre Domingues

Ge Jin Becca Greenwell Emily Kuhn Oderah Chidom Andre Domingues Shannon Beckham


Jaikun Xu

Lights, Music, and Dance

By Jaikun Xu


Jacob Rosenberg

The Real Billsborough

By Jacob Rosenberg


Devin Villacis

America’s Tiniest Pass Time

By Devin Villacis